Online coaching allows you to work 1-on-1 with a coach to help you take control of your nutrition and training.  Through consistent communication and feedback your coach will guide you to your goals!

A Step By Step Process



Phone Consultation

Before any commitment is made it is important that we make sure the coach-client relationship is going to work.  This consultation will be done over the phone and will allow us to see if we will be compatible.

This is also an opportunity for us to establish clear goals, expectations and a game plan for moving forward.  We will also make sure that you choose the best online coaching package based on your needs!

     Learn how to properly squat, bench, and deadlift over three sessions.  Mastering these main lifts can fast track your progress and keep you injury free.  Each session goes over warming up, set up, execution, and predicted one rep max testing.  

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Custom Nutritional Plan

Once your goals have been outlined your coach will get to work designing a nutritional plan based on your needs.

Centred around flexibility and a healthy relationship with food our meal plans are far from rigid and bland, but rather encourage creativity and choices.


Meal timing, frequency, size, and composition are all based around creating a consistent pattern of eating with high adherence! 



Custom Training Program

Your training program carefully takes into account your current level of fitness and abilities and is designed to gradually increase in difficulty session to session in order to force you body to adapt.

We will continue to alter volume, frequency, intensity, exercise selection and focus in order to keep driving progression.

Along with each exercises we will provide links to videos to make sure you are performing them properly.




Communication and Feedback

Communication between client and coach is paramount for continued success.  Depending on your package you will either communicate via weekly or monthly phone calls.  You will also have unlimited access to your coach via text and email.

Based on your feedback your coach will make necessary adjustments to your plan, offer support, and come up with solutions to any obstacles you may run into on your fitness journey!

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Your coach will do everything they can to assist you, but they cant lift the weights and eat the food for you.

Once you have you plan it is truly up to you to perform the necessary actions to make change. 

While this is the hardest step in the process, it is the most important, but we are confident that with our help you can truly reach your goals!

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