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Nutrition Coaching

   Revamp Training Systems' nutritional coaching services is designed for people that want to get a strong hold on their eating habits and direct them towards their goals.  With a focus on nutritional dense, whole foods, meal timing, proper macronutrient prescription, and minimizing supplement reliance Revamp meal plans leave clients feeling better, more energized, with better digestion and recovery.

   The focus is on developing a strong relationship with food and helping the client establish strong nutritional habits for success by starting with a structured meal plan with a gradual shift movement towards making your own decisions in regard to food choices.  This system not only helps you reach your goals but to maintain them and a balanced lifestyle afterwards.


Each package lasts 4 weeks and includes:

  -Customized meal plan

  -Progress tracker

  -Unlimited contact via text/email

  -Meal plan updates as needed

  -30 min coaching call weekly



Online Personal Training Package

    For those looking for not only nutritional support but help in the gym as well, this package includes all of the benefits of the nutritional coaching as well as a customized training program to support your goals.  

   Taking in account your available time, facilities, equipment and physique goals your customized training program is reviewed and updated weekly to push progress.

   Couple this with a nutritional program that is designed  to support you training plan and results will be inevitable!

Each package lasts 4 week and includes:

 -Customized meal plan

  -Progress tracker

  -Unlimited contact via text/email

  -Meal plan updates as needed

  -30 min coaching call weekly

  -Weekly updated workout routine

  -Training progress tracker

  -Video review as needed



Learn the Basics

     Learn how to properly squat, bench, and deadlift over three sessions.  Mastering these main lifts can fast track your progress and keep you injury free.  Each session goes over warming up, set up, execution, and predicted one rep max testing.  


12, 24, and 36 Session Package

     This package is great for those who need to learn how to exercise, want someone to keep them accountable, and need support and motivation.  Working with me allows us to push progress, train properly and safely and have fun doing it!

   These packages starts off with an evaluation where we test several aspects of fitness to get a baseline starting point.  We then proceed with either 4 times per week, 3 times per week, twice per week or once per week sessions depending on the person.

   To ensure progress and so that you can train on your own I include online programming and nutrition coaching for free with this package.

   This is a great value for anyone looking for help reach their fitness, health, or performance goals!




Single Training Session

     For those that want to give personal training a try, want to be pushed, or want help on how to perform a lift.  Single training sessions offer an opportunity to try one-on-one coaching without the commitment!